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About This Creative

I love books and words and learning and people.  I love seeing people impassioned and acting out their creativity, learning and reveling in the opportunities it provides.

I’m a Midwest girl, raised in a small city with conservative family values.  I had to leave rural America to make a living and find out who I really am and what lies beyond conservative family values.

I’ve made the living.  Now, I’m ready to explore the richness of life that is passionate active creativity.  For me, that’s writing in a few different forms:  fantasy novel writing, poetry, and short story.  As other opportunities come my way, I’ll do those too.

I’ve made many mistakes in my life, and I’ve learned from them.  Like all other experiences, they’re grist for the creative mill.  I thank those who walked alongside at the time I made those mistakes.  Thank you for helping me.  Your contribution to my growth and learning is priceless to me.

For those new to my life, thank you for being here at this time on this journey with me.

Now, let’s enjoy the walk together, eh?

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  1. Congratulations, Deb. I hope blogging treats you well.

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