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Creativity at Peace

November 6, 2012

While I was sitting in my living room last night writing with a couple of the Ladies Who Write group, I felt so at peace.  It was so wonderful to open my home to folks whose goals were the same as mine, who put down words in a way to convey meaning and story.

On this rainy, gray cloudy day, I lay my head against a furry kitty leg that’s draped over the back of my overstuffed chair, and I’m at peace.   I’m so grateful for all this.

I’ve been blessed during this period of rest between jobs with the mind and heart to write. And not just write, but to write what I really want to write, to create characters and situations from nothing and select pieces of my own life. Even better, I’ve had the will to reach out and wrap my care around folks whose hearts yearn like mine — to share parts of ourselves through our stories.  Because every writer puts a little bit of him/herself on the page s/he writes.  The children of our hearts, our minds and souls land on those pages – in some form or another, large or small.  (I’m sure that’s why some of us take feedback about our work so poorly.)

That’s why, for me, writing is a sacred exercise sometimes – a way to connect with the Great Creator, the ultimate Maker who infused us with a bit of that great gift.

I’m so very grateful that today I can revel in the peace and glory in the magnificence of that tiny gift I’ve been given.  On other days, my human emotions are too much with me, building the blocks and obstacles that pull me away from that bit of Creation inside me, making it hard to access it, hard to believe it exists at all.  But, it does exist.

So, today, I’ll freely revel in it.  It’s there, today and every day for the rest of my existence whether I reach inward for it or believe in it.  I’m so grateful for it today and always.  Thank you….

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