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Well Worth the Wait

November 5, 2012

I took the week off before NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) because it felt like the right thing to do.  So, I napped, went to job interviews, took a class, read a few books by my favorite authors, did some yard work and was otherwise a slug.

With my best writing gal pals, the Ladies Who Write (LWW), I went to the Twin Cities NaNoWriMo kickoff party at Nina’s Coffeehouse on Sunday night the 28th and met new fellow writing geeks.  I also spread the gospel about the MN Spec Fiction Meetup groups to a couple of eager listeners – a major bonus.  There was some talk about whether one should start a fresh novel or if it was okay to continue with one in progress.  I knew what I was going to do and from listening to everyone else talk, it was a mixed bag.

And then Thursday, November 1st dawned – the first day of NaNo.   Was it there – my creativity?  Could I write?   Race the Night 2 was on deck.  Would it be a strike-out, walk, foul ball or a home run?

I sat down, fingers to keyboard, opened up the previous chapter and a half I’d written, read through them and sallied forth, wind in my sails, bit in my teeth and a whole raft of other non-baseball cliches.  But it was there.  Hooray! I drafted 3500 words that first day.  I guess I was more than ready.  And the break had been a much needed one.

On Friday night, I invited the LWW over for a write-in at 7:00.  To prepare, I scrubbed down the homestead and put up my cute little Thanksgiving decorations for group inspiration.  The gals all swooped in promptly at seven, we nattered, picked our places throughout the downstairs of my house, plugged in, got Wifi-ed up, plates full of food, read each other’s synopses, joyfully teased each other and got down to work by 7:30.

An added benefit for me was some great feedback from one of the LWW who’d finished beta-reading my first book, Lady of Snows.  What fun!  Now, I can work on finalizing that too!

We all sat around together, laptop monitors illuminating our faces, earbuds in play, and simply wrote our little hearts out.  It was so nice to have their company, read little passages to each other during breaks, remind each other to “SAVE!” periodically – even with AutoSave turned on — and compare word counts.

What a blessing it was to write in the company of other writers.  Everyone was relaxed, easy and respectful of the time and space to create within.  It was one of the best experiences of my recent history.   And I’m humbled and grateful for the LWW’s presence in my house and in my life.

Come on back this Friday night, gals!  Same bat time, same bat station.  And as Aunty Nae says, “Write on!”

  1. I enjoyed Friday also. I either think or type slower than ya’ll, but these write ins are keeping me going and helping me focus far more than when I have tried to do it alone. Now, if only I could make myself quit checking facebook all the time. ;P

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