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When “Wait” Is the Answer

October 26, 2012

I’ve been beset off and on this week with lack of desire to write and feeling blocked.

One reason is lack of answers to key questions.  My story has a lot of police procedure to it, and I don’t have that information yet.   I hadn’t heard back from the police community liaison’s office I’d approached about an interview – first contact a month and a half ago.  Rather than fearing to appear too persistent or pushy as I’ve done in the past and giving up, I called them yesterday.  As a result, I got the specific phone number of the person to talk to and a reason – they’ve been really busy this month.  It’s nice to know I’m not just being blown off.

Then, I realized I had a resource in my own family.  So, I IMed my cousin on Facebook and scheduled an interview with her.  She lives a couple of states south, but the basic premises should be the same.

Through aIl this, I also considered writing past the scenes in chapter 2 that require the information, writing chapters three and four.  But, how things are done would impact how events turn within chapter 2.  By writing the next chapters, I might be closing off avenues of development that might spring up when I finally get the needed information.   I have a general outline, a list of key events, but I also like to write somewhat organically, letting the story and characters develop as they need to.

I’d originally had the goal of completing a first draft of Race the Night: Second Course Up North in October, but the opportunity to submit to Harper-Voyager unagented came up, and I jumped at it.  I worked feverishly through October fourteenth to get the Race the Night: First Bite ready for submission.  Then I started the next book right away and completed chapter one of book 2 the Thursday after submitting book 1 on Sunday.

I’m going to be writing every day in November for NaNoWriMo (, National Novel Writing Month, to log word count – working on the sequel to Lady of Snows: Quest for the Heir.  So, I decided a couple of guilt-free writing-less days was okay.  It feels like I need to recharge my creative batteries.  When I interview my cousin this evening, I’m sure the ideas will start popping; that’s just how my brain works.

Given the way things worked out in October, trying to draft a novel in two weeks without the proper research really isn’t reasonable.  Sometimes goals just aren’t doable when life steps in and shakes up our timelines.

Those are really good excuses or very rational reasons to give myself a guilt-free break.  I’ll go with “Sometimes ‘wait’ is the answer.” And instead of feeling stuck and guilty, I’m waiting with gleeful anticipation.

  1. M Long permalink

    I hope it helped. Even if it didn’t I loved visiting with you. Cuz two states south!!!! LOL

  2. I’m sure you’ll be recharged very soon. Happy Nov. 1!

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