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The Cure for Creative Constipation

October 25, 2012

Last night, I sat down to my second chapter of Race the Night book 2, and I thought, “Where’s the joy? Where’s the wonder, the excitement that I had when I was drafting book one?” I’d also been feeling really sad that I haven’t been making as much progress on it as I’d hoped and planned.

Then I reflected on the tension and emotional smack-downs I’d been taking this week. I’d had to made some decisions about continuing associations with groups or specific people. It doesn’t make sense to hang on to people or situations that don’t fit me anymore or are destructive. That’s because inappropriate loyalty and angst make me creatively constipated.

I realized, “This is why. This toxic emotion is why I’m afraid. This is why I’m so reluctant to sit down. I’m afraid I won’t have anything to write.”

So, I opened up my online journal and threw it all out there — an emotional and spiritual purge. Clearing the creative pipes. Now, I was ready to tackle the scene that was resisting me.

First, I was able to identify a key issue: I couldn’t see how the physical scene would work. I thought, maybe I just need to sketch it out. Now, I’m no artist in that medium, but taking out a pencil and a piece of paper and drawing out the buildings and the tree line clarified so much for me. I could finally see it. And, that set the scene for the whole rest of the book.

Then, the ideas started to flow. “Well, what about this? Does this make sense? If I use that, I’m going to have to set it up in the previous scene. “

So the spewing, the drawing, the idea blurts or blurbs and a bit of rewriting helped me move through a scene mired in molasses. I researched and wrote the troublesome scene last night. Interestingly, the joy and excitement were back. The rest is on deck for tonight — the end of chapter two.

It was my emotion about things completely unrelated to my book that blocked me, that precipitated the doubts. Once I’d journaled it all out, I was emotionally ready to do the creative work of writing.

  1. I am glad things are moving forward for you again in writing. The little writing I did felt great and I haven’t written in almost two months. I just got mentally locked up and then sick or vice versa. I was happy to see I can still put words out there.

    Write on!

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