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Mr. Mercurial

September 14, 2012

As zen as Buddha

Bright green stare

Evades my glance, but

Withering glare when treats

Or affection withheld                     all-unknowing


Smashed into couch cushion with

Languorous tail-flipping,

Sunlight glinting iridescence

Off soft, coal coat, then

A tiny, whistling snore.


Litter box afterglow

Manifests a manic gallop

With question-mark tail

Thundering up and over, around and down —

Lesser cats scatter in his wake.

A charming cajoling question

Then stiletto paws stomp

To cheek-rub my glasses, then

Neck-tackling hug to

Rapturous ear-nursing – ugh.


Companion extraordinaire, bosom buddy, lifelong smile.


From → Creative @ Work

One Comment
  1. Hey… glad I finally got a moment to look at your blog. You have some interesting metaphors in your poems. Keep writing girl. : )

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