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Miss Hiss

September 14, 2012

Lady come lately,

Instant queen.

Massive milquetoasts cowed by

Ferocious feline femininity’s implacable will

Burning in a cross-eyed glare.


Testy, tetchy, touchy:

Nudge tail       HISS!

Stroke nose   AHHHHHH!

Polish head      YUMMMMMM!

Brush hip      HISS!

Catch tail       HISS!


A skirling growl warns minions

Of paper-thin patience,


Throaty yowling- snarls and

Backlegs pumping paw-daggers.

(The sound itself intimidates.)


She sashays in, tail acock,

Settles in tight.  Metronome tail-lashing.

What’s that?  A purr? 

How fine!                                            (How… rare….)


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