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Mama’s Boy

September 14, 2012

Marshmallow lusciousness,

Ebony, russet and pallid edges.

Snowshoe paws plunk his entrance,

Furry pantaloons enchant,

One shy white nostril flushes when fussed,

Black pads, pink toes, beguiling ostrich plume-tail,

Snow tummy-licious — fluff incarnate.

Hedonist for brushing

Gavottes and preens under strokes

Near-orgasmic – more, More, MORE –

All except the paws

Never the paws.


Follows morning Mom ‘round

Yowling ‘Make Lap!’ – even in the shower.

So big, requires a one-leg lap spread

For loving long pets down silken spine

And luxuriant purr-liciousness.


Bedtime: three-time lunge to vault aboard,

Alights a wide-eyed, erect-eared hopeful.

Mom’s armpit must-much pawing

‘Til finally Just-So.

Then, rolling cross-eyed collapse

To push-paw, drooling rapture.

Mom’s armpit?  Tenderized….


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